Ceramic Braces: What You Need To Know Before Getting Them

Ceramic Braces: What You Need To Know Before Getting Them

Ceramic braces are clear or white brackets made of ceramic which are fixed on the teeth’s surface. Their invisibility makes them a popular choice for busy professionals and students in Singapore who want to straighten their teeth without drawing attention to the conspicuous brackets and wires of traditional metal braces. Discreet and attractive, these braces easily blend in with the natural look of your smile.


Types of ceramic braces


There are two primary types of ceramic braces available in the Singapore market. The first is the traditional type of braces and works by using ceramic brackets, elastic bands, and wires that are tightened every four to six weeks. The second is the self-ligating type of braces. We use Damon braces at The Braces Practice, which are clear ceramic brackets using a door mechanism within each bracket to lightly secure the archwire. This form of braces encourages teeth to adjust themselves at a more even and continuous pace by using gentle forces, so fewer adjustments are needed during the treatment process.




Clear, tooth-coloured ceramic braces are a discreet way to improve the appearance of your smile. Unlike the appearance of metal dental braces, ceramic braces are transparent or white and are less obvious to the eye. You can still choose coloured module ties for ceramic braces if you decide to jazz up your braces for that month!




One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a braces treatment method is comfort. Self-ligating braces are known to be more comfortable than their traditional counterparts. Generally, Damon self–ligating braces are less abrasive and easier on the cheeks and gums than conventional metal braces due to their rounded edges. These brackets are gentler on the teeth, with less resistance and friction, thus giving users a smoother braces experience.




Dental solutions are never one-size-fits-all, so it’s important to make sure your dentist knows your specific needs before suggesting a particular type of treatment. Ceramic braces are suitable for many of the same conditions that can be fixed by the traditional variety, but may not be the right fit for everyone as they are less durable due to their fragile nature.




The cost of ceramic braces can be a huge consideration, as they generally cost more than metal ones. Typical Damon Clear braces usually start off at around $5000 as compared to traditional metal braces, which range around $4000. However, compared to other ‘invisible’ options such as incognito lingual braces or Invisalign teeth aligners, which cost at least $10000 and $7000 respectively, traditional or self-ligating ceramic braces are considered more affordable. Most of the cost difference goes into the material cost of the brace.




Ceramic braces offer wearers many aesthetic benefits that can be particularly useful especially for self-conscious individuals, and is less costly than Invisalign aligners or incognito lingual braces. If ceramic braces are your desired method of straightening your teeth, then discussing them with your dentist is highly recommended.

At The Braces Practice, our team of experienced dentists can provide you with advice on wearing braces to help you make an informed decision. Visit us at our dental clinics located in Holland Village or Bedok North  where we will be happy to answer any queries you may have!

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