Will Wearing Braces Affect My Facial Shape Or Structure?

Will Wearing Braces For Student Affect Facial Shape Or Structure

Dental problems, like crooked or protruding teeth, can affect an individual’s lifestyle and psychological well-being. Braces are hence recommended for individuals with teeth misalignment and require readjustment of the teeth positions. At the same time, they also take into consideration various orofacial anatomies that include the overall facial structure, jawline, and lips. Therefore, many may wonder if wearing braces affects their facial shape or jaw structures. To understand if they do affect the facial structure, it is first necessary to know how they work. 

How do braces work?


Braces help to readjust the alignment of malpositioned teeth, and allow the wearer to achieve a healthy bite relationship between the lower and upper jaw. Braces like Invisalign clear braces or traditional metal can be used to achieve this goal. The realignment of the affected teeth causes the soft tissues around them to conform to the intended alignment, in time creating an ideal bite and smile. 

For example, individuals with protruding front teeth also often suffer from lip incompetence – a condition in which their lips do not fully close over their teeth or gums, resulting in them having to strain to keep their mouth shut consciously. These individuals might then need dental extractions to allow for orthodontic treatment or braces. Dental extractions create space within the jaw structure, enabling dentists to move protruded front teeth into an ideal position. With such adjustments, the lips will naturally conform as well.

As such, braces may adjust the position of your lips (in accordance with your bite) but do not however change their fundamental shape, structure or fullness. 


Do braces affect the jawline?


A common misconception about wearing braces is that it changes the shape of your jawline. However, this is not actually the case. Aside from surgical procedures such as upper and lower jaw surgery or chin augmentation, it is impossible to drastically change the shape or structure of someone’s face in adulthood. Wearing a fixed appliance such as braces or retainers will not change the structure of a patient’s jawline.

This is slightly different in the case of growing children. With interceptive orthodontic treatments, also known as growth modifying treatments or dento-facial orthopaedics, children with imbalances or discrepancies in skeletal growth between the lower and upper jaws, might experience a shift in jawline when wearing braces. This only applies to those whose bones are still developing.



Many adolescents and adults are concerned about the effects of wearing braces on the face. After all, it can seem like your teeth and jaws are being moved in ways that would radically alter your appearance. However, there are no permanent changes to facial structure that result from wearing braces for an extended period of time. This is why orthodontic treatments are such a personalised and complex service. At The Braces Practice, our team of experienced dentists can help you achieve that beautiful smile you desire and we also offer a wide range of affordable braces for students in Singapore. From Damon braces to ceramic braces, we ensure individualised treatment plans for everyone. Reach out to us today to find out more!

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