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Our priority is to deliver high quality care and making sure your wellbeing is protected for the entire duration of treatment. In doing so, we practice transparent and reasonable pricing so that you know what you are paying for without any hidden fees or charges.

Select A Treatment Option

Here are the various options for our most commonly enquired braces treatment.
Student rates (selected treatments) and instalment payments are available. Please enquire with us to find out more.

* Student rates available! For more information, please Contact Us or Whatsapp +65 9737 6784

* Payment for braces and aligner treatments are by installments.  Subject to changes in accordance with prevailing GST rates.

Items Included In Our Braces Package:
(i) Consultation
(ii) Pre & Post-Treatment X-rays
(iii) Pre & Post-Treatment Photographs
(iv) Pre & Post-Treatment Study Models
(v) 1 set of clear retainers

Why Choose Us?

Making the decision to do braces may sometimes be overwhelming. For a start, which clinic to go to and what type of braces to choose may already give you much to think about.

A common misconception among patients and parents is that the final results will be the same no matter which clinic they go. Finding the lowest price may therefore become the main guiding factor. Unfortunately, this is not true as treatment philosophies vary among dental clinics. The following areas are where we stand out from the rest.

1. Minimal Intervention & Transparent Pricing

Our orthodontic treatment philosophy is minimal intervention. This means we only do what is in your best interests to achieve that healthy and confident smile. Our dental team will not recommend unnecessary treatments. On cases that allow, our dentists sometimes advise against tooth extraction(s) before braces treatment.

2. Affordable Payment Plans & Student Packages

Financial ability should not come between you and a healthy, confident smile. For this reason, we provide interest-free instalment plans and Student pricing. Contact us for details and eligibility.

3. Individual Care By A Team of Highly Trained Dentists & Staff

To provide continuity of orthodontic care, your dentist will follow through your braces journey to completion. This also ensures a high level of individual care is achieved. In addition, you will be supported by our highly trained staff team, who will be able to respond to your enquiries proficiently throughout your treatment duration.

4. Convenience & Availability

Monthly follow-up is an integral part of your braces journey to ensure smooth progress towards the final desired orthodontic result. That being said, your follow-ups should cause minimal disruptions to your daily schedule. Our convenient locations and extended working hours allow us to work around your schedule so that you can focus on what’s important and visit the clinic when you are ready.

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