3 Reasons For Teeth Extraction Before Braces Treatment

3 Reasons For Teeth Extraction Before Braces Treatment

Your local dentist might have mentioned that you might have to undergo teeth extraction during your consultation for your braces treatment. Patients with extra or overcrowded teeth typically undergo extraction, which is a safe and effective way to help with teeth alignment. However, it is only done after your dentist has considered all other options to achieve a healthy smile. Patients might require dental extractions in some cases to achieve the best braces treatment results.

Some patients may be nervous when tooth extraction is mentioned. The worry is due to the perception of impending pain. However, with local anesthesia, numbing agents, and an experienced dentist, you will only feel a slight discomfort during the process. If you are concerned about whether you will need to undergo extraction, here are some reasons why you might need to have an extraction before your braces treatment.


1. Overcrowded teeth


If your teeth are severely overcrowded, removing teeth might be necessary to provide space for the alignment of other teeth. For example, there are cases where the upper canines of the patient are entirely blocked out due to the lack of space. In this scenario, teeth extraction of premolars are done to align the rest of the teeth with braces and close any spaces between them.


2. Large overjet


A severe overjet (front teeth jutting out) is the next type of dental malocclusion that may require extractions. In these cases, the top teeth are usually very protrusive and stick out too far forward. Teeth must be removed in the upper arch to correct this and ensure that the teeth align well with braces. Teeth extractions are necessary to fix severe overjet situations, so that the effects of the braces treatment are best achieved. Some mild overjet cases may be resolved with interproximal reduction (teeth trimming) or with the help of elastics. To get a better idea of the severity of your overjet, a detailed consultation with our dentists is required.


3. “Underbites”


Lastly, reverse overjet or more commonly known as “underbite”, is another condition where tooth extractions might be  necessary. Patients with an underbite typically have their lower teeth sticking out in front of their upper teeth. Teeth must be removed to ensure that the bite is corrected and that he teeth align well with braces. There are also cases where teeth in the upper arch also need to be extracted to ensure that the bite is corrected. Teeth extractions will help improve the bite and smile of patients and enhance braces treatment’s effects.




If you are unsure if you need teeth extraction before getting your braces done, it is best to consult a professional dentist. Here at The Braces Practice, we have a friendly team of dentists who can advise you on what tooth extraction is like and post-extraction care tips to ensure there is minimal pain. We also have a range of braces treatment options, such as Invisalign dental braces, ceramic braces and metal braces, and Damon braces, for you to choose from. Get in touch with us through a call or book an appointment to visit us at our Bedok and Holland Village dental clinics to find out more!

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