Common Fears Of Wearing Braces And How To Overcome Them

Common Fears Of Wearing Braces And How To Overcome Them

Braces are a great choice for patients who suffer from misaligned teeth to get their teeth aligned for a healthier and beautiful smile. It can also help prevent other dental conditions such as gum disease, and halitosis (bad breath). The benefits from braces treatments are plenty, but the fears associated with them are too.

Here are some common fears of wearing braces and how you can overcome them to achieve good oral health and a great smile.


Braces cause a lot of pain 


Pain is one of the common struggles you will face when you first get your braces. However, this discomfort completely normal, and the pain is usually not too severe to the extent that it will affect your daily activities. When you first get your braces, you will experience some soreness and discomfort because your teeth are adapting to the changes.  But if the pain becomes unbearable, you can always decide to take pain medication such as Panadol to ease your pain.

The procedure of braces placement is completely painless and discomfort-free. Imagine it as 3-dimensional stickers being stuck on to the surface of your teeth! You should not worry too much about pain because it only happens at the initial stage when the teeth start to shift, and you will soon get used to the pressure. Try to think about how your teeth and smile will look by the end of the treatment, and it will help you get through your day.


Braces causes bad breath


Many people believe that braces cause bad breath because you are wearing them all the time. However, this is not true as the materials used to make braces do not cause any foul smells, and it is vastly due to poor oral hygiene and health.

You will not have to worry about this part, as your dentist will be guiding you through a proper oral hygiene routine after you have placed on your braces. Following this routine will help you to maintain good dental hygiene while wearing your braces. However, if you still have bad breath, or have any other concerning issues, speak to your dentist and they will have solutions to fix the problem at hand.


Braces treatment is expensive


When people think of braces, they immediately assume that it will be expensive and dread the cost needed to get the treatment. This is true for those who choose to get more expensive type of braces, but there are also many affordable options offered in many dental clinics in Singapore.

The most affordable option to get would be metal dental braces, but there are also other options such as ceramic braces which look more stylish while not being too costly either.




It is common to have fears when you are trying to do something new; likewise, the same when you are intending to get a braces treatment. However, we hope that this article helps you disregard your fears and take the next move to improving your dental health. Here at The Braces Practice, we have a friendly team of dentists who can advise you on which braces treatment is the most suitable for you. Get in touch with us through a call or book an appointment to visit us at our Bedok and Holland Village dental clinics to find out more!

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