Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Do I Need Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Wisdom teeth grow all the way back in your jaw and are the last teeth to come through. They usually erupt between your late teens or early 20s. Except that they do not always come out nice and straight. Sometimes they come through at a variety of angles, causing problems such as food particles to get stuck. And over time, it can cause even more issues like:


● Infection
● Swollen gums
● Pain
● Difficulty chewing
● Decay
● Bad breath

Although some wisdom teeth do come through nicely without any issues, problem wisdom teeth are best removed early.

And an X-ray often helps to identify if wisdom teeth might cause problems and if they would require surgery for removal.

Early removal helps to prevent any damages the wisdom tooth can cause as they come through. And it also helps that wisdom teeth are generally easier to remove when you are younger, which means the recovery from having your wisdom teeth removed is less complicated as well.

There is never a good time to take out your wisdom teeth but if you have to, these are some general suggestions to make the recovery as comfortable as possible:

● Take pain killers as needed
● Complete the course of antibiotics to make sure the wound does not get infected
● Have a soft diet for the first few days

If you suspect you have wisdom teeth problem or unsure and need a quick opinion, get in touch with us with your enquiry.

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