Yellowing Teeth: The Most Common Causes And How To Prevent It

Yellowing Teeth: The Most Common Causes And How To Prevent It

Having white teeth has long been touted by the media and celebrities to be the most desirable aspect of one’s smile. Although having pearly whites certainly gives a person more confidence in smiling unreservedly, it is important to note that human teeth naturally have a slight yellow tinge. Therefore, getting perfectly white teeth is only secondary to having straight dentition when it comes to a bedazzling smile.

But if you have already had braces in Singapore and are now looking to address the last piece to get that perfect smile you have always wanted, read on to learn what causes yellow teeth and how to prevent and fix it.


Common causes of yellowing teeth




After years of use, the enamel or protective outer layer in teeth gets worn down, and the yellowish dentine beneath becomes more visible. As such, you will notice that your teeth gradually look more yellow over time.




Just like how some people are born with crooked teeth like their parents, others may have teeth with a darker shade. Because genetics can affect how your teeth are coloured or even aligned, you will need to rely on dental solutions like teeth whitening and braces to achieve that perfect smile.


Staining from foods and beverages


Similar to how certain foods and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine and dark chocolate can stain clothes, they can also cause stains on your teeth. But with proper and regular brushing after meals, the discolouration they cause is usually only temporary. These stains are usually extrinsic and can be cleaned away by scaling and polishing at a dental clinic.




Patients who have consumed certain classes of antibiotics e.g. oral Tetracycline before they were eight years old or younger may have permanent intrinsic marks on their teeth. This is because tetracycline can impact the calcium deposition in adult teeth as they form during childhood. These stains cannot be removed by scaling and polishing.


How To Prevent and Fix Yellow Teeth


1. Brush or rinse after meals


Whenever you eat or drink foods that can stain your teeth, try to remove them as soon as possible by brushing and flossing. If you do not have the opportunity to brush or floss your teeth after meals, rinsing your mouth with water is the next best option.


2. Don’t sip on drinks for too long


Sipping on your favourite sugary or tannin beverages e.g tea for most of the day may be enjoyable, but it is not good for your teeth, especially if you are wearing braces. If you must satisfy your craving, you should ideally consume your drink quickly and with a straw, so that most of the liquid bypasses your teeth. This prevents your teeth from being constantly bathed in sugary and stain-inducing ingredients.


3. Maintain good dental hygiene


As much as possible, stick to your regular brushing routine after every meal to prevent bacteria from thriving on your teeth, leading to accumulation of plaque that causes that yellowish look. Moreover, do not skip flossing daily to ensure your gums also stay healthy and make time to see your dentist every six months for professional cleaning.


4. Get teeth whitening


Getting teeth whitening is the most straightforward solution for yellow teeth. It is recommended to go to your dentist for this service as over-the-shelf teeth whitening products rarely use stronger ingredients necessary to achieve the results you want. Also, avoid using whitening toothpaste while you still have your braces on, as the covered parts of your teeth are at risk of being left with marks once your braces treatment is over.


5. Dental veneers


Applying dental veneers is a somewhat invasive procedure that entails covering your teeth with a thin composite or ceramic material to cover up discolouration that cannot be fixed with teeth whitening. It is important to carefully discuss this option with your dentist, given the solution’s potential issues and limited lifespan.




If you feel conscious about not having perfectly white teeth, just know that it is normal for teeth to have a slight yellow tinge to them. That said, if they become noticeably yellow, it may be time to improve your dental hygiene or get help from your dentist.

Whether teeth whitening or dental braces treatment, The Braces Practice can provide everything you need to achieve a bright and healthy smile. We offer the most effective ways to straighten your teeth, including metal and ceramic braces and Invisalign clear braces. In addition, we have a host of dental services to improve your oral health, such as teeth cleaning and dental fillings, dental extractions, and more.

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