Poor Oral Hygiene And How It Can Negatively Affect Your Life

Poor Oral Hygiene And How It Can Negatively Affect Your Life

Although everyone knows the importance of good oral health, not many take it seriously, and only a few people are even aware of just how important it is to their overall health. Hence, the recommendation of daily brushing and flossing tends to be neglected until a painful reminder of aches and other dental issues forces them to improve their oral habits. And with the mouth being the body’s ultimate gateway, bacteria can easily slip in and travel to other parts of the body, putting one at risk of various health conditions and diseases. That said, how is poor dental hygiene linked to your well-being?

Below are a few of the most significant effects it can have on the body.


1. Respiratory conditions


People with periodontal disease are vulnerable to bacteria potentially travelling into their bloodstream and lungs, which can directly affect their respiratory system. If this occurs, it puts them at a higher risk of experiencing chronic pneumonia or acute bronchitis.


2. Risk of developing dementia


Emerging evidence points to poor oral health, which includes gum disease, contributing to dementia and cognitive decline. According to a study by the National Institute on Aging, the increased bacteria in the mouth can cause inflammation. This heightens the risk of the buildup of the beta-amyloid protein in the brain, forming sticky plaques that result in brain cell death and, ultimately, dementia and related diseases like Alzheimer’s.


3. Risk of diabetes


In a study of individuals living in the United States, 95% of those with diabetes are discovered to also have some kind of gum disease or loss of teeth. This means those suffering from diabetes are more likely to be vulnerable to certain infections, and their ability to control their blood sugar is also impaired.


4. Risk of stroke and heart disease


People suffering from some type of gum disease are also twice or thrice as likely to be at risk of having a serious cardiovascular issue. However, there may not be any direct connection. This is because many patients with heart diseases have good oral health and fine gums, and not all with gum diseases develop heart complications.

Still, there is an increasing suspicion that periodontal diseases could be an independent risk factor for heart diseases due to the former increasing the body’s inflammation burden. In an acute state, inflammation fosters healing, but in the long term, it significantly contributes to various health problems like atherosclerosis, a fatty plaque that is a hallmark of coronary artery disease.




Poor oral hygiene may be the least of your concerns amid your hectic daily schedule, but as it can put you at serious risk of many diseases, taking good care of your teeth and gums should have a place in your routine. As oral hygiene is directly linked to your overall health, it should be one of the reasons why you should care about your smile.

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