Why Is Oral Health So Important At A Young Age?

Why Is Oral Health So Important At A Young Age?

Oral health is essential to our lives, and we should never neglect it. From using our teeth to eat and speak, we do countless things with our mouths daily. By maintaining good dental hygiene, we can ensure that our overall health is not compromised. However, these habits cannot be picked up overnight and require a great deal of discipline to be effective. That is why teaching kids good dental hygiene habits at a young age is crucial, as it is easier to practise something you have been doing all your life!


Preventing tooth loss


Tooth loss is one of the most common dental problems in adults, and one of the biggest reasons for this is poor dental hygiene. Plaque can build up and result in severe tooth decay or gum disease and result in tooth loss. It is crucial to teach kids the importance of brushing their teeth correctly and at least two times a day. It can also be helpful teach them the proper techniques to floss their teeth, as this further helps to get out food bits that might get stuck in between their teeth. Visiting the dentist twice a year to do professional cleaning is also essential to clean the gum lines and the areas that are hard to reach.


Preventing other health conditions


The mouth is the gateway to our body and the first layer of defense we have. Through our mouth, we can detect early signs of many diseases, such as diabetes, which may first appear as gingivitis or periodontitis or in the form of gum infections. Furthermore, poor oral hygiene is directly linked to the cause of other health conditions, such as pneumonia, endocarditis and cancer. Kids need to take care of their oral health to prevent this from happening and reduce their chances of contracting such diseases in their lifetime.


Getting braces early


If your child has overcrowded or misaligned teeth, it would be advisable to consider metal dental braces treatment soon. Orthodontic issues are linked to many other health conditions, and it is critical to rectify them early before they accumulate into more significant problems. Dental braces are generally about a two-year commitment, and a suitable age to start them would be around 12 years old. Kids will need to be responsible enough to take care of their oral hygiene to avoid tooth decay and gum diseases while wearing braces. Metal braces are highly durable and usually last the entire duration of treatment. Colours can also be chosen for stainless steel braces and can be changed during every adjustment visit so your child can enjoy their experience. After getting braces, your child should learn how to brush and floss their teeth with braces to maintain oral hygiene.

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