Why Are Damon Clear Braces Becoming A Trend?

Why Are Damon Clear Braces Becoming A Trend?

Dental braces are becoming more common these days, with people of all ages using them for teeth alignment correction. Reasons for braces include malocclusions, aesthetic reasons and functional correction. It is a procedure that generally takes about 18 to 24 months to complete. In 2022, the average cost for dental braces was about S$4000, although the costs vary for every individual based on the treatment type chosen and the severity of their orthodontic issues. Therefore, it is crucial to know which treatment type is suitable for you so that you are satisfied with how your treatment progresses over the entire braces duration.


Damon Clear braces: a refreshing treatment option


There is a wide range of braces options available in the market, and the one option currently seeing a rise in popularity is the Damon Clear braces. They are a form of self-ligating brackets that use gates or clips to hold wires in place, as opposed to traditional metal braces that use elastic ties. Unlike Damon Q braces, they do not have a metallic look as this braces system is made of ceramic. Damon Clear brackets use polycrystalline alumina ceramic which is resistant to stains. Therefore, it will be harder to notice the brackets, as they are smaller than traditional braces and look more natural. Furthermore, they are designed to minimize food being trapped and ensure that the braces are clean.


Benefits of Damon Clear braces


Aside from the benefits that Damon Clear braces offer through their features, they also provide convenience to the users of this bracket system. This self-ligating system moves more naturally and is more comfortable than traditional braces. Your visits will also be shorter as the elastic ligatures do not have to be replaced individually. Damon braces are also known to increase the mouth’s arch and help develop a fuller smile, which other treatment methods do not provide. They are also effective in treating the most severe orthodontic conditions and are relatively cheaper than Invisalign dental braces, which might not be able to rectify issues such as extreme overcrowding of teeth.




Although Damon braces are an effective treatment for teeth straightening and a great alternative to Invisalign dental braces for those looking to save cost, it is essential to know that they still require you to use retainers after your treatment has been completed. This is to ensure that the effects of your treatment do not wear off and to maintain your set of correctly aligned teeth. Here at The Braces Practice, we have a friendly team of specialists who can advise you on which treatment best suits your needs. Get in touch with us through a call, or book an appointment to visit us at our Bedok and Holland Village dental clinics to find out more!

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