Protecting Your Teeth And Braces During Physical Activities

Protecting Your Teeth And Braces During Physical Activities

Engaging in physical activity is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are new to wearing braces, you might be wary of participating in any form of sports, exercise, or recreational activity due to the many possible sports dental injuries you might incur. However, you should not let your braces hinder you from reaping the benefits of being physically active, as there are many ways you can enjoy your activities without worrying about any mouth injuries that might occur.

If you are worried about hurting your teeth or mouth when playing sports while wearing braces, read on to learn how you can take extra steps to protect yourself.


1. Mouthguards


Wearing a mouthguard is one of the best ways to protect your teeth and braces. By absorbing the impact from blows or falls, a mouthguard reduces the risk of tooth fractures and dislodgements. A mouthguard can be custom-made, a boil-and-bite guard, or a ready-to-wear solution. If you already have a mouthguard before getting braces in Singapore, it will fit differently after you have installed your braces, which is why you should get a boil-and-bite mouthguard to fit your teeth and braces while still on treatment.


2. Wear required protective gear


Wearing protective gear when playing sports is important regardless whether or not you wear braces. High-impact sports, such as rugby, hockey, boxing and so on, require additional protective gear on top of your mouthguard to ensure extra protection. For example, helmets, padded clothing, shin guards, and knee and elbow pads are common protective gear athletes wear to protect themselves when playing sports. It is important to wear your mouthguard and all other protective gear to protect not just your mouth but your whole body.


3. Be cautious during contact sports


As mentioned before, take extra precautions to protect your teeth and braces if you participate in contact sports. You must pay attention at all times. If you are playing a sport that involves balls, make sure to keep your eye on the ball at all times to avoid the possibility of getting hit in the face. By taking these additional precautions, direct hits to the face and mouth are greatly reduced, minimising the possibility of dental injuries.


4. Regularly check your braces


Ensure your braces are not damaged or loose before engaging in physical activities. Loose brackets or wires can cause discomfort and further damage during physical activity. You should contact your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment if you notice any issues.


5. Visit your dentist after an injury


Ensure you see your dentist immediately if you suffer an injury to your face or mouth while playing sports. Your dentist must examine your teeth and braces to ensure no significant damage. Do not wait weeks or months to inform them of your facial injury.




If you are physically active, do not worry about your braces potentially getting in the way of playing your favourite sport. You can protect your teeth and braces in many ways from sustaining injuries while you are on the field.

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