What Are Some Sports Dental Injuries And How To Treat Them?

What Are Some Sports Dental Injuries And How To Treat Them?

If you are an athlete or a sportsperson, getting hurt is inevitable and sometimes even seen as a rite of passage. Sports injuries are common, especially if it is a contact sport. However, sports dental injuries are certainly not fun, and they can be painful. Fortunately, modern dentistry has evolved significantly,, and dentists can fix teeth injuries quickly, depending on the scale of the injury. Here are some common sports dental injuries that happen and how they can be treated:


Avulsed tooth


When a tooth is knocked out of its socket, the blood vessels, supporting nerves and tissues are damaged, and a root canal treatment is necessary to allow the bone to reattach itself to the tooth when it is being re-implanted. A tooth that is knocked out is also commonly known as an avulsed tooth, and is a severe dental injury. However, it can be fixed if quick action is taken. The tooth can be reimplanted to allow bone to to reattach to the tooth. A root canal treatment will be necessary after the tooth is reimplanted as the nerves are damaged during the avulsion.

The avulsed tooth must either be stored in milk or saliva in the mouth, and it must be quickly taken to the dentist within 30 minutes to perform treatment. Therefore, if you ever encounter this situation, do not touch the root of your tooth to increase the probability of a successful re-implantation. You should also ensure to rinse the tooth with milk if it gets dirty. Milk is used instead of water because it has a suitable pH to preserve the vitality of the periodontal cells around the tooth roots.


Cracked tooth & displaced tooth


A cracked tooth is a typical injury resulting from trauma to the jaw. The extent of the tooth crack depends on various factors. In mild cases, the crack in the tooth may not even be visible and are known as hairline fractures. Furthermore, you may not feel discomfort in your teeth except when you eat hot or cold food and drinks. If you suspect that you have a cracked tooth, visit a dentist so that they can assess if your tooth requires any treatment. If the fracture is too big, it may require an extraction and replacement by a dental implant or a root canal treatment for exposed nerves.

When a tooth is displaced, it can be either displaced inside or outside of its socket. If the tooth is displaced into the socket, it requires urgent treatment to perform surgery and repositioning.  However, if the tooth is displaced outside its socket, it is treated with gentle repositioning and splinting.




Your teeth and oral health are essential to your overall health and should be why you care about your smile. Prevention is better than cure; ironically, the importance of protective gear is only appreciated after an injury has been sustained. When playing contact sports, wearing protective gear such as helmets and mouth guards is best to protect you from severe dental injuries. However, if you get hurt, see your dentist as soon as possible. The sooner you visit your dentist, the better the probability of successful treatment.

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