Braces Treatment: Why You Should Consider Getting Them Again

Braces Treatment: Why You Should Consider Getting Them Again

You can never be too old to get braces in Singapore, which is why it is not exclusive to children and teenagers, as adults can also get braces in their later years, be it for the first, second or even the third time! If that sounds like news to you, you certainly can get braces more than once, and it is recommended if your teeth have gradually shifted back to their original position before your first braces treatment.

Read on to learn more about getting braces again in your later years and when you should consider it.


Understanding orthodontic relapse


The main reason why people often get braces again is due to orthodontic relapse, the process in which your teeth slowly shift back to their previous positions following a successful braces treatment. This happens primarily because people increasingly neglect to wear their retainers in the months or years after their braces come off.

Depending on your case, your dentist may require you to wear your retainers for life because your gums, jaw, and teeth need more time to stabilize after they get shifted around by orthodontic treatment. Otherwise, you may simply be required to wear retainers when you go to sleep at night to maintain your straight teeth.

Orthodontic relapse can occur in the short-term, with the shift in teeth being noticeable within a year or in the long-term, which can take up to 10 years. Other factors such as teeth grinding, tooth loss, genetics, and aging can also contribute to this relapse.


Top Reasons To Get Braces Again


1. There are more treatment options to choose from


If you had traditional metal braces years ago and your teeth have gone out of alignment, you now have more treatment options to choose from, that offer a better and more discrete experience. Invisalign is one such option, which are invisible teeth aligners that your dentist will switch out regularly to set your teeth straight again. Unlike traditional braces, these acrylic plastic trays offer more flexibility as they can be removed temporarily during meals, so you do not have to worry about restricting your eating habits like before.

If your dentist deems that Invisalign is not right for you, you can opt for ceramic braces instead. Since these braces are clear or white, they look virtually invisible against your teeth, so you no longer have to worry about drawing attention whenever you flash your pearly whites.


2. Braces are more affordable than ever


Braces treatments have advanced significantly since the last time you had them, lending to more treatment options, improved procedure efficiency, and a lower cost than before. As an adult, you may also have access to better financing options that can further drive the costs down, so discuss with your dentist to get the most cost-effective treatment possible.


3. Your teeth and their roots may still be strong


If you are fully on board with getting braces again, your dentist will first check your mouth to see the current condition of your teeth, roots, gums, and jaw. They will also use an X-ray to assess the health of your bone structure and determine whether your teeth are still strong enough to move around in your mouth once more. If you have any missing teeth, your dentist will also take that into account when deciding whether you are good to go for a second round of braces treatment. And just like your first time getting braces, your treatment plan may take several months, depending on how much your teeth need to move back to the right positions.




Orthodontic relapse will gradually undo the perfect smile you have worked hard for if you neglect to wear your retainers as your dentist prescribes. If your teeth do shift back, that does not mean you can no longer regain your straight teeth, as you can simply undergo braces treatment again.

There are many reasons why you should care about your smile. If you want to get back the bright smile you had earlier in life, The Braces Practice is always here to help. With our commitment to providing the highest standard of dental care, you can rest assured that you will have the best experience with your second braces journey. For more information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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