5 Must-Have Accessories When Getting Invisalign Treatment

5 Must-Have Accessories When Getting Invisalign Treatment

Many dental patients looking to straighten their teeth and improve their smile can generally choose which procedures or treatments they are comfortable with. While teenagers typically have no issues with conventional metal braces in Singapore, adults tend to prefer more discreet options. Thankfully, metal-free and discrete teeth straightening is now possible with Invisalign clear braces.

Besides being virtually invisible and removable, Invisalign provides many other benefits, such as gentler treatment process, greater flexibility, better comfort, and more. But despite these advantages over traditional metal braces, Invisalign treatment comes with its own challenges. Thankfully, the many accessories listed below can help optimize your Invisalign experience for better treatment outcomes.

1. Clear aligner chewies

It is important to remember that Invisalign treatment only works if you wear them correctly, and using chewies is the best way to ensure that your trays are seated right. After putting your aligners on, you simply bite down on a chewie for a few minutes repeatedly to help your trays better conform to the shape of your teeth. However, these accessories accumulate bacteria and smell funny if you neglect to clean them regularly.

Invisalign chewies only have to be used for a short time everyday and are strong enough to withstand chewing movements. As such, these items are a good complement to the Invisalign regimen given by your dentist.

2. Extra retainer case

One of the reasons why Invisalign braces are so popular is their removability, allowing patients to take off their trays when eating and put them back on afterwards. This contrasts with metal braces that remain fixed for the entirety of the treatment and even impose limits on one’s diet. That said, it is important to still wear Invisalign up to 22 hours per day to ensure they work as intended and avoid altering the treatment process.

With that said, the point of having a retainer case is to not misplace your trays whenever they come off your mouth and to keep them clean during storage. Having one may be enough for the most part, but getting extra cases is recommended so you can place them in convenient locations and not always have to bring one with you. For instance, you could put these cases in essential spots like your bathroom, study desk, nightstand, and other places.

3. Aligner cleaners

Cleansing tablets are an excellent cleansing agent that quickly cleans your Invisalign trays and ensures they remain bacteria-free at all times. They reduce stains and plaque buildup, giving a cleaner and fresher aligner for daily use. They make for a better alternative to rinsing your trays with water while doing a better job at keeping your Invisalign trays neatly cleaned and odour-free.

4. Floss picks

Floss picks make your Invisalign treatment experience simpler and more comfortable. You are likely already familiar with the importance of regularly flossing to remove food bits stuck between your teeth. However, if you are wearing braces like Invisalign, your daily oral hygiene practice must increase. This includes doing a lot more flossing, particularly after every meal.

Increasing your flossing regimen is vital since you cover your teeth with your trays for up to 22 hours daily. Neglecting to do so causes bacteria buildup in your teeth and increases your risk of chronic bad breath and gum damage.

5. Clear aligner removal tool

Although it is relatively easy to remove your Invisalign trays, you can also accidentally warp them out of shape if you do not remove them properly. Also, using your fingers to take them off is not recommended as it could introduce bacteria into your teeth or injure your gums or cheeks.

This is where clear aligner removal tools like orthoKey come in. These handy accessories make it easier to take off your trays without the risks mentioned previously and can fit inside your retainer case for convenience.


Maintaining your Invisalign dental braces in Singapore is essential as it helps improve your treatment journey and gets you the results you want faster. The accessories discussed above can help significantly in caring for your aligner trays on the go and preventing oral problems like tooth decay from derailing during dental treatment.

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